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The Bramble Bio
The Bramble Napskins are a carnivalesque cacophony of life and sound. They've thrown it all into the cauldron and what's come is a party they want everyone to attend. With saxophones, flute, clarinet, accordion, electric guitar bass and drums, they're an orchestra brimming with young, fierce energy, all underpinning the piercing soprano tones of the lead vocalist. Their contemporary klezmer anthems, pounding fairytales of Dickensian plight, melancholy musings and grooving folk jigs; their Napskin pop ballads and Schubertesque love songs, scream inducing waltzes and roaring improvisations donning the cap to influences from John Coltrane to Jimmy Page, are sure to get you laughing, crying, screaming and jiving and going to bed with a head full of new songs and an array of tired limbs to your name. 

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